Flachstahl Werl

- the privately owned and independent steel service center.

An important foundation stone for the present company was already laid by co-partner Günter Macha in 1972 with the establishment of the steel trade Hohmeier & Macha GmbH and not only he brought a good reputation out of the steel industry into the new company, but he also brought a comprehensive potential of knowledge and experience from decades of steel expertise.



Laying the foundation stone for the present company by establishing the steel trade Hohmeier & Macha GmbH



Foundation of Flachstahl Werl GmbH & Co. KG by the managing partners Günter
and Jochen Macha



Start of production factory I

Production of a wide range of high-quality steel materials



First expansion of factory I

Doubling of storage capacity



Start of production factory II

Additional pre-processing of slit strips with sensitive surfaces
possible (such as Color and B / C-surfaces)



Bond of factory I and II

Creation of additional 3.000 m² storage capacity for optimal service to our customers



Start of production factory III

Establishment of one of the most modern slitting centers in Europe
Extension of the thickness range to 0,25 - 8,00 mm
Increase of the annual total capacity of about 450.000 tonnes per year


expansion of factory III

Creation of additional 2.000 m² storage capacity for optimal service to our customers (storage 5)